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About Us

Reasons for choosing us

Program Supervisor – Kate Currie has been engaged in child care for 33 years.  She excels in guiding staff and children to be their best. She enjoys being involved with children and is an excellent resource for our team. 

Her positive attitude makes her approachable and accepting of all that she encounters through her day.


Assistant Supervisor – Savita Bhardwaj has 12 years of child care experience, working in every facet of daycare.  She understands the various challenges of daily situations and works with her team to find solutions.

She believes in creating an atmosphere of encouragement and personal growth, through support, interactions and involvement.

Savita truly cares about the people around her and enjoys long term relationships with families and staff.

Savita and Kate have previously worked together for many years.

A child reading a book

Our Team

At Birds & Blossoms we search for child care professionals who are dedicated to the wellbeing of the children in their care.  Each team member must not only have the qualifications set out by the Alberta Government but also must be creative, resourceful and truly enjoy what they do. 

Continued professional development is expected whether through workshops, course training or personal research.

Enrollment is now going on, please contact us: 403-764-3544

Community Resources

Birds & Blossoms is an active part of the Sage Hill community.  We search out resources, support activities and share awareness of home based or small business that is relatable to our families.

Local child focused attractions, such as playgrounds, recreation centres, greenspaces and arts training centres are promoted as part of our community awareness.

A day care worker teaching two kids on a laptop